The Humanity in Esteemed Figures, aka Watching Obama Doing Everyday Stuff

“Pleasing personality.”

I remember getting irritated by this phrase, constantly seeing it on every job posting site. I suppose you really gotta have it in you when you’re working with other people, but in politics, I’ve always believed that policies come first before personality.

Which is why I’m scratching my head as I continue to watch Obama visit restaurants, do Christmas shopping, and even play like a goofball with children.

Leaders Worry About Their Self-Image, Too

It all started with a video I found in my Facebook news feed featuring President Barack Obama joking with the newly-elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In the video, Obama talks about the first time he called Trudeau on the phone to congratulate the young public official. The conversation turned humorous when Obama added, “I just want to point out that I had no grey hair when I was in your shoes seven years ago and so if you don’t want to go grey like me, you need to start dyeing it soon before it’s too late.”

You Don’t Wanna Have a Robotic Gary Stu for a President

That moment is refreshingly ordinary — amid the serious issues that carry heavy weight and cannot be ignored, we remember that these world leaders are still human beings who worry about their health and know how to crack jokes every then.

This is not to say that we should vote and support politicians because of their behavior and attitude — you can’t simply forgive Hitler and his army for their heinous crimes simply because they’re also human — but to be reminded that they also have lives beyond their roles. They have the same needs as we do in order to survive, and they can also enjoy things that we do. They have the power to veto bills and eat hamburgers for breakfast. They are, just like every single person on this planet, equally responsible and accountable for their actions.

Feeding Intrigue: The Shift to Depict Politicians as Human Beings in Media

Media always show presidents speaking in front of the podium if not talking to higher members of the government. We see these as images of the president performing his/her role, but it is also because we are flooded with these images that we forget they’re simply not a one-dimensional figure.

And all the more we’ll adore a leader who’s not afraid to show another side to their lives —the mundane, human side. Stuffy suit and convoy aside, a human being is painted on the shoes of a world leader.

That’s why you have these media outlets and people going nuts taking photos and videos of Obama playing basketball. This is slowly growing as a trend in news reporting and social media.  Buying a Christmas gift for his dog? This shouldn’t be a big deal, but when it’s a VIP who’s doing it, people will surely get their cameras ready.

These moments also reassure people that they have a person who’s not faking it for the role.

.. Or We’re Just Honestly Curious

A peek into an important person’s life is a guilty pleasure — watching someone in their private moments, we could be a counted as voyeurs to the president’s life. But hey, this has been the tradition anyway — that’s why published biographies never run out of sales. Come and indulge in this unhealthy obsession with me:

Going Out for Burgers

In which President Obama goes to Five Guys Fastfood to get burgers and fries for him and his staff. Trigger lots of ‘Oh My God’s when Obama comes out of his limo.

Suprise Lunch Stop

In which you’ll see how the president casually eats and talks with other people and you’ll envy how there’s so much food in front of him.

Voting and Presenting ID

Yep, it’s been documented that Obama’s been conscious about his gray hair since 2012.

Unscheduled Walk from Whitehouse

Obama’s secret service and Pope Francis’s security team might as well as get some drinks together as they discuss how their bosses can sometimes post the risk of losing their jobs.

Pumpkin Shopping

So remember all those Jack O’ Lantern decorations on the Whitehouse last Halloween? Yeah. Thanks, Obama (in a non-sarcastic way this time around).

Presidential Love Triangle During 2014 Midterm Elections

“You’re gonna kiss me, give him something to talk about. Now, he’s really jealous.” Poor Mike. Lucky Aia. Sassy Obama.

No Need to Kiss Babies

The man made the wailing baby to stop crying, he’s the real deal! Kidding aside, Obama’s been shown to be great with managing kids. You can see the genuine joy in his eyes whenever he’s around children.

Meeting Baby Pope

Simply adorable. Words are not enough! Baby Pope – 999; Obama – “XD”


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