Japanese Cheesecakes: Il Cheesy Cielo

My family and friends have always known me for having a sweet spot for cheesecake, but I remained loyal to those cakes that I find delectable, just like Banapple‘s sweet cheesecakes and Coffee Bean‘s perfectly rich ones.

However, my exposure back then has been limited to Western-style cheesecakes. A few years ago, my ex-boyfriend introduced me to Japanese cheesecakes – a fluffier and lighter version of my beloved dessert. Unfortunately, the cheesecake he bought actually tasted like a chiffon cake disguised as a Japanese cheesecake. Still, first impressions do last. I became skeptical of the Nihon twist to the cheesecake and tended to avoid it.

Flash forward to 2016, where Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake has been making noise all over the city because of their heavenly Japanese cheesecake.

Don’t get me wrong – I look up to Japanese people when it comes to savory and sweet delights, but my previous experience with their own brand of cheesecake put me off before, so I was extra cautious.

Last week, I was hurrying to travel from Technohub to Ortigas in the midst of my job search. I have an appointment scheduled at 2 p.m., but I was really hungry (having finished an assessment exam earlier that morning). I went inside FamilyMart to grab a quick lunch that I could eat in the cab. None of the food except the Japanese cheesecake caught my eye. (Well, there was a sandwich, but yeah, my sanity would like to have a word with my logic).

I ordered it and rushed outside to get a cab. My hunger pangs would not stop bothering me, so I decided to open the cake box as soon as I sat down. And there, ladies and gentlemen, is the time when my mouth entered he pearly gates of a cheesy heaven, with a melt-in-your-mouth bite of Japanese cheesecake.

There was still a bit of skepticism in me since I thought I could’ve just been taken away by my hunger that day. Not setting any grandiose expectations, I stopped by the Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake shop located in SM Megamall to taste the famous cheesecake. I really didn’t think it would live up to the hype…and I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Based from the pictures I’ve seen on the internet, I surmised that Japanese cheesecake would feel a bit dry like chiffon or sponge cake. As a big fan of texture when it comes to food, I was feeling a bit sad thinking this is what I would see upon opening the box. Again, my bad. After two hours of grueling travel, the cake managed to stay intact; its texture and form exhibiting premium quality.

I sliced the cake apart to see how it differs so much from the pictures; it’s cottony, yes, but it’s also very moist, so you really get a taste of western cheesecake’s richness sans the full, heavy feeling. As of this writing, I am now on my second slice and might end up eating the whole cake. (Yes, no shame.) Some sites would compare it to the Filipino mamon, but I say it’s really fluffier, lighter and more moist than that. Japanese cheesecake is really worth giving a shot for cheese-loving peeps like me!


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