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Mochilicious! Regent Food’s Mochi Review

Craving for a sweet dessert that can fill without the guilt? Then let Mochi, a traditional Japanese rice cake, be your new sweet companion.

It all started when my colleague’s dango pictures had me craving for Japanese sweets. Since I don’t live in Japan, authentic mochi isn’t really accessible to me. Although ice cream mochi is easier to buy, I don’t feel like breaking my teeth at the moment (I’m that type who can’t wait for those ice cream mochi to get soft). I’ve been aware of Regent’s own mochi products sold in major supermarkets, but I haven’t really paid attention to it until now. The good news is that it’s never too late to fall in love with this chewy treat.

Here's exhibit A showing a fluffy pilferer with my mochi pack.
He’s got not six, but 10 pack! Here’s exhibit A showing a fluffy pilferer with my mochi :/

You get 10 delicious rice cakes that are individually wrapped for every pack you buy. Do not be fooled by the tenderness and the chewiness of this glutinous rice cake – it may look enticing as a bite-sized treat, but don’t try to swallow it whole! Even the back of the pack has a note that each mochi should not be taken in whole. Heed this warning seriously, for mochi is known to cause the most choking-related deaths of any food item in Japan. You’ll also get to appreciate its texture and taste if you take your time to chew the cake.

What I like about mochi is that it’s one of the most versatile sweets out there – it can either be paired with hot tea or cold juices (well, at least in my book). If you’re also looking for something sweet after eating a heavy, savory meal, I would recommend mochi. You also don’t need worry about eating more just to feel satisfied – you’ll most likely feel full after eating 2-3 pieces because mochi is made of rice. And as a fan of texture when it comes to food-tasting, mochi is definitely on top of my list for being oh-so-soft and squishy ;).

The bean paste actually tasted like choconut to me XD

The bean paste inside is just the right amount in my opinion – it doesn’t overpower the rice dough that contains it. I’m also surprised that Regent has managed to keep it that way despite being stored and preserved for weeks (or months), but maybe that’s why each pack is filled with so much air to keep the shape and softness intact.

While I’m still waiting for the day when I can finally have a taste of the elusive mizu shingen mochi, I’ll satiate myself with Regent’s fresh-from-the-pack mochi. It’s an affordable yet delectable dessert that anyone shouldn’t miss.


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