“Loving Vincent” Trailer Boasts 12 Oil Paintings in the Style of van Gogh

If there is one film that lives up to the claim of bringing painting to life, it has to be Loving Vincent. The first fully painted feature film in the world was directed by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman (who introduced the film’s concept via a Kickstarter project). The film was produced through the collaboration of Studios Breakthru and Trademark Films. Feast your eyes on the beautiful trailer below:

While it is certainly not the first Vincent van Gogh biopic, it is the only one that uses actual oil paintings per frame, and that is why over 100 painters have come together to produce this visually rich film. It reminds me of digitally animated movies like A Scanner DarklyHere’s an example detailing the creative process:

While the filming has been finished, I think they’re still not done transforming each footage into oil paintings since they’re still hiring. If you’re a skilled oil painter, you can even join the team! I really look forward to the release of this movie. For more details, you may check the official Loving Vincent website: http://www.lovingvincent.com



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