Discovery Drink: Elle and Vire’s Yaggo Milky Drink

I like vanilla. I also like milk…so why not have the best of both worlds?

I’ve been doing grocery shopping lately as our new office location is far from the strip of restaurants and convenience stores that would have provided food in an instant. I ended up on the dairy section once again, thinking if I should get panna cotta, when I saw Elle and Vire‘s Yaggo Milky Drink. Now, I know there are a lot of milk-based drinks out there, but this one grabbed my attention because it’s vanilla flavored! 

It’s not so often that I get both of my favorites combined. (Well, there’s vanilla ice cream that mixes milk and vanilla, but I can’t just go eat that every time). I was actually apprehensive at first, but I decided to give Elle and Vire’s milky drink a try.

And what a great decision that was. The silky milk has the right amount of sweetness and the smell of vanilla soothes your senses. In fact, I would say it reminds me of CBTL’s Double Vanilla Tea Latte. I know it’s supposed to be for kids (you’d notice it straight from the packaging), but if you’re like me who likes not-too-sweet but oh-so-creamy milk with a dash of vanilla, then grab yo yaggo now!


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