Watch & Learn: CGPGrey’s Bitesize Infovideos

If you want to get smarter each day without spending a penny or even hours on it, hop in.

YouTube isn’t just an amalgamation of funny pet clips, free movies, and music videos. For one, educational videos are on the rise and given acknowledgement through YT’s Creator Academy. I mean, if you’re just going to procrastinate in the office or while studying, why not watch a video like this instead?

I bet this clip is shorter than most of newly released music videos today.

And these videos aren’t just narrators simply reading through a script while slides are presented—YT educators present their topics in attractively entertaining ways (maybe you’d be nodding as you hear a culture reference or laugh at a meme inserted). It’s also an effective alternative to learn about facts, stories and events that you won’t even take a second look at when you’ve encountered them in a book.

Among my favorite (and widely renowned) YT educators is CGP Grey, who creates short videos on a mélange of topics including technology, politics, geography, and history.

For example, here’s CGP Grey explaining LotR:

What I like about watching videos like the ones made by CGP Grey is that you can learn so much in such a short period of time. There’s a lot more videos that you can view for free on his channel, so go ahead and watch!


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