Video: Overused Advertising Phrase at the Cost of “Playing It Safe”

This is what happens when either clients or creatives fear the risk of not complying with what has worked in the industry, so they stuck their guns to using trite copy.

Part of his Make Something Every Day 2017 project, Kaj Kjellesvig made a video compilation of many commercials which made use of “We Believe” in one way or another:

Sure, We Believe sounds bold enough, and it helps you communicate what your brand values in a simple phrase, but don’t let this be your only pillar for your ad. It’s not something you can completely eliminate (especially if you’re on the agency side and it’s your client who insists on using it), but try to incorporate stronger visuals and words to accompany this statement. If you can, though, maybe there’s something fresher than “We Believe” in your sleeves.

We get it; you just don’t want to be the next brand who gets criticized for trying too hard, but please, don’t saturate this world with another generic-sounding ad. After all, I believe you’d like to be recognized in the advertising world for the right reasons.


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