[Infographic] Six Traits of Successful Copywriters—by David Ogilvy

Think you have what it takes to write copy that makes the cash register ring?

Refreshingly straightforward and packed with practical lessons from David Ogilvy’s experience, “Ogilvy on Advertising” gives a look into the mind of one of the legendary advertisers in the 20th century.

In Chapter 3 of the book, Ogilvy divulges on the some of the crucial jobs in advertising. The first on the list are copywriters, who “may not be the most visible people in agencies, but they are the most important.”

Ogilvy also opines that some advertising techniques are built to last for decades, and this remains true with the timelessness of his advice to aspiring copywriters today. In the infographic below, Ogilvy enumerates the six hallmarks of a potentially successful copwyriters:

Don’t you think these qualities remain relevant to this day? Even though the main platform for advertising has shifted—from mass media such as TV and radio to the new media such as social media networks—I think that us copywriters should still conduct rigorous research, constantly reinvent how we position the product to the audience and challenge ourselves to come up with copy that sells. If there are other attributes that you think are vital for copywriting, please post your comment below!


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