Lyrics Analysis: “The Day Before You Came” – ᗅᗺᗷᗅ

Disclaimer: I do not have any background in music theory and composition, so do not expect this post (and the following ones to come) to be a technical music review/critique. It is best to treat this piece as fan’s appreciation of the featured song. Likewise, this will only an analysis of the song itself and not the content of its music video.

ABBA: their brief yet brilliant foray into pop music history continues to draw attention to this day. From Waterloo to One of Us, the Swedish group has shown the world that they’re capable of singing about anything—from teenage-like love to a heartbreaking story of a couple who’s on the edge of separating. It’s a well-known fact by now that the evolution of their music reflected the tides in their interpersonal affairs (i.e. the couples in the group eventually falling part).

Almost half a century after they parted ways, there remains so much to be praised about the musical complexity behind ABBA’s songs. Scholars and fans alike still revere the heavenly voices of Agnetha and Frida and praise the songwriting prowess of Benny and Bjorn.

As I start this project of analyzing their songs verse-by-verse, I’d like to begin where it all ended: analyzing The Day Before You Came – the last song recorded by ABBA.

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